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Early Quaker, George Fox in Canterbury

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You do not have to be a Quaker to come to a Quaker Meeting – all are very welcome. Often the best way to learn more about Quakers is to experience Quaker worship for yourself. Ours is an experience-based faith, so when you are ready please come and join us.
Quakers try to live simply and sustainably, promoting peace, equality and truth. Putting faith into action is central to our way of life and we meet weekly for quiet worship, usually on Sunday, in more than 475 locations across Britain. 

At  Canterbury we provide lunch after Meeting For Worship at 12.15 on the 1st Sunday of each month. This is one of several activities where you can explore who we are and what we do in a relaxed environment.

Read more about Quakers in The Friend Online (weekly Quaker journal)


If any staff or students at the Canterbury universities would be interested in a discussion on Quaker topics or holding Quaker Worship, please contact Rose ( or Tim (